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Creating a one page website seems to be the new trend. In a web driven world where everyone is online, having a website is no longer something for techies – it’s a standard must have.

In come companies like Carrd who specialize in helping people create one page sites. Whether you’re a creative, a business owner, or a job candidate looking to create something professional, Carrd has you covered.

Below are some of the very best Carrd templates available for almost any type of site. Don’t see anything you like? No problem. You can always start with a blank canvas and design your website from scratch instead.

If you opt to go with the free version of Carrd, your website will be hosted on Carrd as a subdomain. Example: If you’re balling on a budget, this is a good option to make a free one page website.

You also have the option to get a Carrd “Premium URL” and have your site hosted on a shortened URL ( or a punny URL.

If you want a custom domain that ends in .com or other extension, the Pro Standard Plan is what you’ll want to go with. Or you can opt to get your own web hosting plan.

Note: All Carrd themes below will show you a desktop and mobile view. Some of the themes shown are split between free vs paid. If you opt for a paid Carrd template, you must have a Pro Lite Plan Carrd account (allows you to create up to three sites) otherwise the paid templates will not work.


Having a personal website is a great way for connecting with prospective recruiters or just for networking in general. You could always give out your Facebook, Linkedin profile or Instagram but having a personal website is a bit of a separator these days.

A great one page personal Carrd theme is the Henry Case personal theme. This theme is free to use and can be found under the Portfolio category.

Henry Case Carrd Personal Theme: Desktop and Mobile views

Demo: (available with free account)

One of the main reasons we like this one is because of it’s simplicity and of course it’s mobile friendliness. Since most people read left-to-right, you have the opportunity to place a personal image of yourself which attracts the readers.

Then as they glide to the right, they have all of your information front and center along with links to your social profiles and email. A perfect Carrd template that does the job. It also comes free to use with a free account.

Artist Portfolio

The portfolio design is going to be for someone who wants to display their work. Whether you’re wanting to create a photography website, a gallery style theme to display your artwork, or maybe you’re getting into NFT’s and want to showcase some digital work that way.

This theme can be found under the Portfolio category and is free to use.

John Anderson Portfolio Carrd Template

Demo: (available with free account)

The desktop version and mobile version have a very clean look with just the right amount of text. You also have links to your social profiles and even your accounts. There’s even an Unsplash icon which is great for linking to your Unsplash account.

One of the other cool features about this theme is the lightbox feature. When you click or tap on one of the images, the image will open up into a larger view and neatly display your image.

This is a great free Carrd template to use that can definitely help enhance your work in the simplest way possible.

Landing Page

Landing pages are a great way to have your visitors take a specific action. Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, the landing page template you use is going to vary.

If you’re looking to generate emails for a product-launch or film you’re going to release in the near future, then you’ll want to go with a landing page that offers an email opt-in form right off the bat.

Overall, landing pages are the first step in your funnel. For this reason, we’re going to go with the Build The Future landing page template.

Having an email opt-in form is a must have landing page practice

Demo: (Pro required)

Or if you’re in the middle of creating an app, then you’ll have a landing page that offers some info about your application along with a download button that will redirect users to the app store.

Last but not least, maybe you’re working on something but aren’t quite finished. In this case the best landing page template to use would be a coming soon page.

Landing pages aren’t a one-size fits all decision. The type of landing page you choose is going to depend entire on what you’re working on. With that being said, we still believe collecting emails and building a subscriber base is the best way to go as it’s a way to own the database of information.

This way when you’re ready to launch your app, sell your art, or notify users of the project you’re working on, you can send them an email blast to get in touch.

Single Product Page

Made by:

Sell pretty much anything straight from your website with this unique template. Who says you need to create a huge eCom store?

eCommerce product template


$20 one time purchase

Startup Template

Made by: CarrdElements

This elaborate design gives you everything you need to make your startup standout.

Great looking option for tech startups


$19 one time purchase

Freelancer Work Portfolio

Made by: CarrdElements

Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer or marketing specialist, this Carrd theme is a great way to display your skills. You can even add customer testimonials as well as show your previous work. Very clean UX/UI on this one

Are you a freelancer? Customize this theme with your personal branding


$19 one time purchase

Service Based Business

Made by: ComponentsUi

The elements of this service based layout is one of the best around. The video embed makes for a great opportunity to share more about your services as well.

Showcase your company services


$29 one time purchase

Podcast Theme

Made by:

It almost feels like you have your very own podcast platform. The social media icons are displayed neatly on the footer and you’ve even got the ability to embed your latest podcast episode on a clean audio player right on the page.

A suitable design for podcasters who are serious about their craft.

Publish your podcast on this unique podcast layout


$10 one time purchase

SaaS Theme

Made by: Zite Design

This SaaS template is amazing. It’s got a very clean design, the menu in the header jumps to each section on click and you can collect contact information. What’s not to love?

SaaS Carrd Template
Have a SaaS? Edit this with your software screenshots, customer testimonials and more.


$19 one time purchase

App Download

Made by: Zite Design

Link straight from your website to the app store and get more downloads. These fully customizable web page for your app is just what you need.

A clean looking application template to get more app downloads


$19 one time purchase

Wedding Template

Made by: NicheTemplates

Wanna post a link and have all of your wedding information in one convenient location? This wedding styled layout is perfect for the big day.

Create a wedding website with a few clicks


$12 one time purchase or get 19 Carrd Pro templates for $27!

Minimalist Theme

Made by: Carrd

This is a Pro theme located under the Portfolio category. A home page style minimalist layout you’ll love.

Clean and simple. A minimalists dream.


Linktree Styled Theme

Made by: Carrd

Blends in nicely with an instagram style layout with a linktree vibe.

Can be found under the Portfolio category. Free to use!

Carrd Linktree Style Theme
Share your twitter, instagram, youtube socials and more.

Made by:

Optin Form

Made by: Carrd

This is a Pro template that can be found under the Forms category. Strat collecting more contacts!

Optin Form Carrd Template
Collect emails from your visitors with ease.


Multipage Design

Made by: Carrd

After you create a free Carrd account, you can find this theme under the Sanctioned category. The added elements makes this home page into a multipage layout your visitors will really enjoy.

Multipage Carrd Inspiration
Want more pages? Multipage sites give the illusion of more pages without needing them.



Made by:

Switch out the icon elements, adjust the layout, or decide to leave it as is and simply swap out the text. This is one of the best Carrd templates on the market.

Aesthetic Carrd Template for SaaS
Aesthetic lovers dream.


$20 one time purchase

Ebook or Book Template

Made by: ComponentsUi

Promote your latest eBook or book with this uniquely designed layout.

Promote your eBook or book with this amazing Carrd template.


$29 one time purchase

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