Wishpond Review: For Small Businesses Who Need A Boost

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With juggernauts like HubSpot and Clickfunnels in the pool, Wishpond feels like a (pun intended) small fish in a big pond. Despite its smaller size, Wishpond has some solid potential as a landing page builder and marketing tool. 

In this Wishpond review, we plan on looking at this all-in-one marketing software. To find out whether it’s worth the spend, keep on reading.

What is Wishpond?

WishPond Marketing Home Page

Wishpond is a Vancouver, British Columbia marketing business whose goal is to become the leading provider of digital marketing services online. Wishpond has nearly four thousand clients, over three million website visitors, and 75 million leads generated for those customers. 

With just around 250 employees, Wishpond is one of the smaller marketing companies. However, they boast some big numbers for being as small as they are. Much of this comes down to their willingness to provide the building tools and their full service marketing team. 

Who is Wishpond best for?

Wishpond is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. As a result, they aren’t an ideal starting platform for solopreneurs just starting out. If you don’t have the budget to shell out at least $100 per month, you won’t find a solution here. 

That being said, Wishpond has some nice features, which you will find out more about as you keep reading. 

Wishpond Pros and Cons

14-Day Free TrialNo Free Plan
Unlimited Pages With All PlansFairly Expensive
Unlimited Users With All PlansLead Count Very Limited
Good Number of Website TemplatesTakes Extra Time To Find Tools
Advanced Builder (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)Automation Tools Hard to Manage
More Layout Control vs CompetitorsFewer Automation Templates vs Competitors
Email Automation AvailableAsks For Useless Info For Contacts
Plenty of Integration FeaturesFrustrating Refund Policies

Wishpond Pricing – How much does it cost?

WishPond Pricing and Plans

Wishpond offers three different pricing plans you can try out:

  • The “Starting Out” Plan
  • The “Everything You Need” Plan
  • The “Rapid Growth” Plan 

Given the names of these plans, you might assume that you shouldn’t go beyond the second level. After all, why would you need more than everything you need? 

Either way, to find out the actual best plan for you, Wishpond provides a 14-day free trial for you to give any of these a shot. Below, you’ll find out what these plans provide. 

Starting Out Plan

 The starting out is for businesses who are still in the early stages of their campaigns. For those willing to pay for their annual plan, it costs $99 per month. Otherwise, you can expect to pay $149 per month. 

Below, you’ll see a breakdown of what this plan includes:

  • Unlimited landing pages, social contest, and pop-ups
  • Access to email drip campaigns and marketing automation
  • Custom CSS and API access
  • Unlimited user accounts for your staff 
  • Coverage for up to 1000 leads

Everything You Need Plan

 The next level is the “Everything You Need Plan.” This plan is for people who have a budget of $199 per month for the annual plan or $299 per month for their monthly option. Below, you’ll find features behind this plan:

  • A/B testing
  • Custom JavaScript features
  • Additional leads management features
  • Up to 2500 leads 

According to Wishpond, you don’t need over 2500 leads. 

Rapid Growth Plan

 The Rapid Growth Plan is a step above the “Everything” plan, which implies it’s an “everything you don’t need” plan. The plan starts at $249 per month if you pay annually or $349 per month for monthly customers. 

It includes everything on the prior plans, but adds in first-in-line customer support and free implementation coaching. You also start off with ten thousand leads, making it a must-have for any business who already has a developed backlog. 

For additional leads (up to one million), you can pay an average of about $50 per 5000 leads. As you pay for more, bulk discounts apply. 

Wishpond features – what does it offer?

WishPond Dashboard

Compared to other services, Wishpond has a much simpler dashboard. As you can see from the image above, there are only three tabs to get started. 

To make things simple, we will start with the first (and most important) tab, “Campaigns.”

Creating a campaign on Wishpond

Campaign Builder Options on WishPond

Under the campaigns tab, clicking the “view more” button on the far right will reveal all of your options. From here, you’ll be able to look at everything you can make using Wishpond’s tools. 

You’ll see four different options:

  • Website builder
  • General lead capture 
  • General email campaigns
  • General contests and promotions

Both building websites and lead generation pages use the same tools. So, we will start by looking here.

Using the website and landing page builder

Website and Landing Page Templates on WishPond

Wishpond contains a huge number of templates to help increase website conversions. Of course, if you don’t like any of them, you can choose to import your own templates.  

Once you choose your template, they bring you to the detailed page builder. 

WishPond Advanced Builder

The advanced page building software is like Clickfunnels in how it’s structured. One thing that you might like is that it is a lot less overwhelming than most other builders.

The problem with choosing to make it less populated comes back to finding tools. Many of them are hidden within menus, requiring you to click a bit more often. 

However, one thing Wishpond does better than most providers comes back to its ability to create flexible landing pages. The drag-and-drop builder allows you to take grouped pieces and move them wherever you want. As a result, these pages are far more customizable than other builders. 

To access many of the tools, you will double click on any of the content blocks you’ve made. Clicking the “ungroup” button will allow you to remove those blocks from sticking to each other. 

Along the top, you can also choose to create page variations and A/B testing. Wishpond is also one of the few builders that gives you a tablet view (alongside a mobile and desktop view) for your work. To switch between distinct steps, click on the drop-down menu on the upper-left corner.

WishPond Builder Steps

There are some quirks with this page builder, requiring a bit more learning. However, it is faster than other landing page builders, making it a great alternative to sites like Clickfunnels.

Creating email campaigns 

WishPond Email Marketing Campaign Builder

The email campaign builder is like how Sendinblue operates. You can choose a name it comes from, the emails, and the subject line. 

What makes Wishpond useful comes back to its ability to segment groups. You can choose to email all of your leads or focus on specific campaigns. 

 Clicking the “email content” button allows you to pull up a building tool. Despite being like the base tool for landing pages and websites, it’s simpler.

WishPond Email Builder Tool

The email builder allows you to operate quickly, creating dynamic emails with relative ease. There is almost no learning curve to build emails. 

Email automation tools

WishPond Standard Automation Tools

As a marketing automation platform, Wishpond does pretty good. Its automation templates are limited, but the advanced conditions provide you with some good options. 

Some defaults include welcome emails, calendar emails, adding people to a “hot leads list,” cart abandonment, and sales leads follow-ups. Most of these fulfill a lot of what you need, but there are missing a few standard options. 

 The advanced tools are simpler than most, allowing you to add conditions of when people receive certain emails. But these conditions are entirely text-based, making them less engaging and harder to follow. 

WishPond Advanced Automation Tools

Contest tools

WishPond Contest Building Tools

For the ultimate step in your leads based content marketing strategy, Wishpond allows you to set up contents. To generate leads and add to your email list, this can be a great way to encourage business growth. 

The building tools are identical to the ones you get for landing pages and websites. So, to avoid redundancy, we will skip to the dashboard.

 The “select winner” button allows you to choose the winner (or winners) of your competition. It can be completely random or chosen by you. However, it’s easy to track when you get results. 

Tracking and deciding your contest results

 Managing leads and setting appointments

Managing your contact list on Wishpond

Lead management asks for a lot of demographic information. While it’s easy to sort the leads into different groups, a lot of data Wishpond includes isn’t always useful. For example, age might have almost nothing to do with your target audience. 

One thing that is handy through this page is the ability to import leads through many existing pages. These include Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, and many competing all-in-one marketing platforms. 

The last tab on the top allows you to run setting appointments. This direct Wishpond’s focus towards information-driven businesses (like coaching agencies or consulting groups). 

To use the calendar sub-tab under appointments, you need to have an integrated calendar. This is a nice lead into another feature of Wishpond.

Countless integrations 

Wishpond integrations list

Despite being a complete marketing tool, Wishpond integrates with a lot of other marketing tools. Namely, the email-based one’s like Constant Contact of ActiveCampaigns. 

Wishpond also integrates with a lot of customer relationship managers (CRMs), which is a weak feature you need to supplement elsewhere. This boosts the power of the overall platform, but adds a magnifying glass on Wishpond’s comparatively weaker features. 

Wishpond user reviews – what do people say about its customer service?

Wishpond users are all over the place with experiences. If you look at their Trustpilot reviews, you’ll get results of 4.2 at the time of us writing this, which is good. G2, by comparison, has these results sit at about 3.5, which is lower. 

Much of the positivity comes from working directly with customer service managers. There are many reviews that mention people by name. 

On the negative side, many customers hate their policy under terms and conditions. Namely, only offering a 50% refund if you get 50 (or more) leads through them as long as you are within two months of the initial purchase date. 

However, this means if the plan is unused, you technically have a 60 day refund guarantee. But since most people who purchase the plan will use it, there’s no 30-day refund that comes with most other plans, making Wishpond one of the more frustrating marketing companies.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Wishpond integrates with Shopify, allowing users to create landing pages, pop-ups, and contests for their Shopify store and integrate them seamlessly.

Yes, depending on your pricing plan, you can use Wishpond.com on multiple websites.


Yes, Wishpond.com integrates with a variety of popular email marketing tools, CRM platforms, and other third-party applications.

Wishpond is a cloud-based marketing platform that provides tools for creating landing pages, pop-ups, contests, and other types of campaigns to help businesses generate leads, increase conversions, and grow their audience. It also offers integrations with email marketing and CRM platforms.

Is Wishpond worth the money? 

After a full review of Wishpond, its use as a basic marketing tool is clear. As an entire marketing platform, if you have less than 2500 contacts, your leads need to make you more money to justify the cost behind this service. 

Wishpond becomes far more cost-effective for business owners who have up to ten thousand contacts. Because of this, small and medium-sized business owners are those that benefit from Wishpond’s marketing tools. 

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