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Creating a super fast website is crucial for your visitors overall web experience. Whether you’re selling products through your e-commerce store, blogging, or sharing your latest photography, there’s one thing all great sites need: SPEED.

While many web hosts offer attractive bundles and hosting plans, sometimes all the extra bells and whistles are really distracting from a less-than-ideal website speed.

Luckily, WPX Hosting is different.

After trying out various hosting companies, WPX Hosting takes the cake as the best overall web host by far.

They’re currently ranked #3 on TrustPilot with 4.9/5 stars but should be #1.

Table of Contents

Pros and Cons

Pro's Con's
Lightning Fast Web Hosting No phone support
Free CDN (WPX Cloud)
Free SSL Certificate
24/7 Expert Support (30 second response time)
Free Website Migrations (Done for you service)
Free Daily Backups (Stored on separate server)
Free Malware Protection
Free DDoS Protection
Staging Area
Social Cause Driven Business (EveryDogMatters)

Check out the pricing plans here.

WPX Hosting Review Overview 

As a hosting company, WPX Hosting was made to deliver excellent customer service and fast websites.

Here are the main points we’ll be covering throughout this WPX Hosting review:

  • Email Capabilities
  • Malware protection
  • Customer service
  • Service Plans and Pricing Plans

While these are all super important to cover, the main selling point of this WPX hosting review is speed. So what does speed have to do with managed WordPress hosting anyways?

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting offers a premium WordPress hosting service. Before the company was born in 2013, CEO Terry Kyle expressed his frustrations with traditional web hosts.

Terry Kyle frustrated with traditional web hosts

The Sofia, Bulgaria based company now serves thousands of customers across the globe and continues to impress in the WordPress hosting space.

Here’s a brief video of what the company stands for.

Importance of Website Speed

Take a look at the crucial link between site speed and website success.

Research shows that over 50% of online consumers get impatient and abandon a website if they have to wait longer than five seconds for any given page to load.

That’s a lot of lost traffic all due to slow servers and a potential issue to your bottom line.

Website Performance and Shopping Behavior

Sure you could go with a shared hosting option and save a few bucks, but are you really willing to compromise on speed now that you know the potential costs?

Plus, who wants to share servers? WPX Hosting solves this.

Site Speed Example

Walmart found some interesting data when its online load times went from 1 second to 4 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, right?

With a site speed difference of just 3 seconds, their conversion rates dropped.

“When load times jump from 1 second to 4 seconds, conversions decline sharply. For every 1 second of improvement, we experience a 2% conversion increase.”


The proof is in the pudding, and there’s no shortage of data and research to back up just how damaging a slow loading site can be.

In other words, it pays to have a fast website.

Web Hosting Features

Now that you know the importance of website speed, let’s dive into all that WPX Hosting has to offer. We’ll get to the pricing plans later.

Page Speed Test

This wouldn’t be a WPX hosting review without some cold hard data.

When I tested and compared load times (just like Matthew Woodward did), I used an entry-level hosting account from HostGator to compare against similarly configured entry-level WordPress websites.

The budget shared hosted WordPress website had a load time of 3.6 seconds while the WPX Hosting hosted website was 1.97 seconds. That’s nearly twice as fast!

Google’s page speed analytics also showed faster load times in favor of WPX hosted sites.

WPX Hosting makes a strong case for switching over from a shared hosting provider. Faster loading times, a great support team, and managed WordPress servers you can count on.

Daily Site Backups

Imagine waking up one day and your website is gone.

Trust me when I say that it’s happened to the best of us.

Thankfully, you get daily backups of your sites stored on separate servers for up to 14 days.

So if for whatever reason your site is gone, you can restore and retrieve it at no extra charge to you.

Free Website Migrations

Do you already have an existing WordPress website and want to switch hosting providers? If so, you get free website migrations done for you within 24 hours.

website migration policy

Email Capability

All plans include a free email inbox.

Example: If your name was John over at FunnyDogWalking, you’d be able to email from John@funnydogwalking.com.

You can also forward emails from this address to another email address of your choice, like your Gmail or Yahoo account.

User Friendly Dashboard

The WPX Hosting dashboard makes for a pretty seamless user experience.

You can easily view your account services and profile details, as well as any support tickets.

Managing your WordPress site, email inbox, and your bandwidth usage and disk space can all be done here.

FTP Access

Need to access your server space outside of the web host dashboard? You can securely upload special plugins or themes to your WordPress site via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

Customer Support

WPX Hosting support is there to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Talk to live agents, do it yourself, or submit a support ticket for email support.

Live Chat

While they don’t offer phone support, their live chat expert support rocks.

They have a 30-seconds or less response time, something that should be a standard across all web hosts.


If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type of person, review the support knowledge base if you ever run into an issue.

WPX Support

From FAQs and how-tos, the WPX Hosting knowledge base covers everything from billing, migration, security, domains, and much more.

Value for Money

Here’s a quick rundown of what WPX Hosting offers:

  • Free Malware Scans — Any vulnerabilities at the server level are addressed, and if anything fishy is detected, there’s also free malware removal included.

  • WPX Cloud CDN — A custom built CDN (Content Delivery Network). This makes for a lightning fast load time. Great for sites with little traffic to high traffic.
WPX Cloud CDN end-points map

Rather than go through the messy process of setting up your CDN with Cloudways or Cloudflare, you can easily enable yours straight from your customer portal with 1-click.

  • Free SSL Certificates — Most SSL certificates come at an extra cost, but as a WPX Hosting user, you get a free SSL certificate. What is an SSL Certificate? It’s basically a small data file that provides extra security for your online activity or communications. This is something every website must have and you get it included as part of WPX Hosting.

  • Staging Area — The staging area is where you can test out changes or integrate new features safely without making them available to everyone immediately on your WordPress site. The coolest thing about WPX Hosting’s staging area is that you can merge it with your live WordPress site. Most of the time, these are separate entities, but not with WPX Hosting. This is a stand-out feature that I haven’t seen any other major company offer.

  • DDOS Protection — Security is taken very seriously at WPX, which is why you get free DDoS protetion through Imperva (Incapsula is the name of the software). This alone would cost $299 per website per month.
Incapsula DDoS Protection

User Experience

WPX Hosting is super easy to navigate right from the start — from signing up to the nitty-gritty daily work, like managing email.

Getting Started: Signing Up

Managed hosting is available with just a few clicks.

Select your hosting package, choose your payment option, and follow the reader to register a new domain or setup with a domain name you already own.


Opening the dashboard to your WordPress website through your WPX Hosting client area is easy.

You’ll see things such as your domain name, service details, email inboxes, databases, and websites you’re running on your dashboard. You’ll also have your billing details clearly laid out.

Migrating Website or Installing WordPress

Do it yourself or submit a migration request to move over a site you already own, or you can install a new WordPress website on your server space to start fresh.

Adding Additional Sites

Even if you opt to save money by going with the business plan, WPX Hosting still allows up to five websites to be added to your account.

To add your first additional WordPress website, click “Add New Websites” on your site’s page.

Anything past five WordPress websites may require a hosting upgrade.

Managing Email

Creating an email address for your website is easy with WPX Hosting.

Just click on the “Add email box” button, follow the prompts, and you’re done!

If you do run into an issue, reach out to a live chat agent or email support for help.

WPX Hosting Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Finally, let’s take a look at the pricing plans.

You can check out the WPX Hosting pricing here.

WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX offers three different WordPress plans to choose from:

  • Business Plan — Great for an entry-level option that goes for just $24.99/mo. Think basic WordPress blog.

  • Professional Hosting Plan — The professional plan is their most popular package that offers the most value (more on that later). It goes for $49.99/mo.

  • Elite Hosting Plan — For the power user who’s really serious about their online speed, the elite plan runs for $99.00/mo.

Excellent TrustPilot Reviews

Ranked #3 in web hosting services, 97% of 934 reviews left on TrustPilot are all positive!

Each review is all about speed and excellent customer service, which is exactly something you’d expect from a top class hosting provider.

They’re certainly doing something right!

TrustPilot WPX Hosting Reviews

Included With All Plans

Regardless of which plan you decide to go with, ALL plans include the following benefits at no additional cost to you (free):

WPX Hosting Features

• 30 Second Average Live Chat Response Time 24/7/365

• High-Speed Custom CDN With 26 Global Edge Locations

• Unlimited Site Migrations

• Unlimited SSLs

• Staging Areas

• Email

• Manual Backups

• DDoS Protection

• Daily Malware Scanning & Removal

• PHP 7.X

• 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

• 28 Day Automatic Backups

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

• 1-Click WordPress Installations

• USA + UK + Australian Hosting Locations

What Are The Differences Between Each Hosting Plan?

• The business bundle includes up to 5 websites, 10GB of storage, 100GB of bandwidth, and your custom WPX Cloud CDN.

• The Professional level includes 15 websites, 20GB of storage, 200GB of bandwidth, and the same CDN.

• The Elite plan includes up to 35 websites with 40GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes the CDN.

The Value of WPX Hosting

Justifying the hosting cost with WPX Hosting comes in several ways:

• First, you’re gaining the value of a super-speedy web host that won’t make you lose conversions because of slow loading times.

• Then, consider that you’re getting managed WordPress hosting at a price that is much more affordable than most of the other industry leading hosting companies.

• Finally, while WPX hosting doesn’t offer a free hosting plan, you’re getting access to several of their unlimited free perks once you sign up. It’s a win, win offer.

WPX Hosting vs. WP Engine vs. Kinsta

• When we look at all three pricing plans per month, WPX Hosting is $24.99, while WP Engine and Kinsta both start at $30. WPX offers up to 5 websites, while the other two leading web hosts only offer 1 on their entry-level plan.

• When it comes to storage, you’re getting the same 10GB from WPX, Kinsta, and WP Engine across the board. Why pay more? WPX doesn’t offer a visitor limit on your website, while others cap around 20,000.

• Finally, WPX Hosting offers 100GB of bandwidth, which blows the other two out of the water. (WP Engine offers 50GB, and Kinsta doesn’t offer this info).

As far as WPX Hosting vs the other guys, they’re ahead of the pack.

You also get great customer support and fair billing practices. You’ll never feel as if they’re out to get your money.

Instead, you’ll get a high-quality web host at a competitive rate. That’s what WPX Hosting is all about.

Successful WPX Hosting Sites

Want a preview of how fast your site will load ?

Visit the WPX Hosting customer review page and check out the sites for yourself.


WPX Hosted Websites

Every Dog Matters

The coolest part about WPX Hosting is that they’re a cause based hosting company.

Terry Kyle, WPX Hosting CEO
Terry Kyle, WPX Hosting CEO

Not only will you get fast page loading speeds with WPX Hosting but you’ll also be helping a great cause.

Animals (dogs and cats) throughout Eastern Europe will benefit directly through Every Dog Matters (EU) with every purchase.

Every Dog Matters (EU)

They’ll get access to high quality food, medical care and rehoming initiatives.

That’s a cause I can stand with.

Final Thoughts

I get it — there’s a ton of WordPress hosting companies out there fighting for your business.

While it’s easy to go with industry giants for your WordPress hosting needs, you’ve got first class managed WordPress hosting right here with WPX Hosting.

It’s classic David and Goliath and we both know who won that story.

Don’t share a server when you can get a well managed WordPress host that won’t break the bank.

Helping the dogs and having a fast site to create a great user experience for your visitors? That’s WINNING!

Hopefully this WPX Hosting review has proven that you can get fast loading WordPress sites along with great features at a great price — which is why you can trust WPX Hosting as the best managed WordPress host available on the market today.

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